Where Is Maranatha Baptist University?

Where is Maranatha Baptist seminary?

Maranatha Baptist University is a private Baptist liberal arts university in Watertown, Wisconsin.

Who founded Maranatha Baptist University?

MBBC was founded by Dr. B. Myron Cedarholm on July 1, 1968. He proceeded to build and guide the college through 15 years of service as its president.

What division is Maranatha Baptist University?

Association of Division III Independents (WVB, MSOC, WSOC, MXC, WXC, MBB, WBB, BASE, SB)

What college is in Watertown WI?

Maranatha (Aramaic: מרנאתא‎; Koinē Greek: Μαρανα θα, romanized: marana-tha, lit. ‘ come, our lord! ‘; Latin: Maran-Atha) is an Aramaic phrase. It occurs once in the New Testament (1 Corinthians 16:22).

What division is Missouri Baptist basketball?

Basketball. Missouri Baptist University’s men’s basketball competes in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics as a part of the American Midwest Conference.

What colleges are in Staunton VA?

Welcome to the Town of Watertown! The population for the state of Wisconsin is about 5,871,840. Located in Jefferson County (Population 84,412) the Town of Watertown has a population of 2017, of which 1315 are of voting age (Wttn: 1115, Creek: 180, L.

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