Often asked: Where Is New England Baptist Hospital?

What is New England Baptist Hospital known for?

More About New England Baptist Hospital New England Baptist Hospital (NEBH) is a national leader in the diagnosis of surgical and non-surgical treatment of orthopedic and musculoskeletal conditions. Their leadership in quality and clinical outcomes and patient experience has been nationally recognized.

Is New England Baptist part of Lahey?

Beverly Hospital and New England Baptist Hospital are both part of Beth Israel Lahey Health. This system-wide initiative to bring the Baptist orthopedic expertise to community hospitals is among the many ways we are making a difference in the lives of our patients and communities.

What hospital do the Celtics use?

New England Baptist Hospital: Celebrating 30+ Years as the Official Hospital of the Boston Celtics.

Is New England Baptist Hospital Part of partners?

New England Baptist Hospital, one of the nation’s top destinations for orthopedics, is planning to leave its sprawling campus on a prime location atop Mission Hill, where it has been treating patients for 119 years. The two hospitals signed a partnership agreement last year.

How many beds does New England Baptist Hospital have?


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