Often asked: In The Book To Kill A Mockingbird Where Does Miss Maudie Get Threaatend By The Foot Wishing Baptist?

When Miss Maudie show her disgust with his foot?

When Miss Maudie shows her disgust with “foot- washing Baptists ” she is criticizing Baptist who take the words of the Bible Literally. They believe that anything that gives “pleasure is a sin.” Explain Miss Maudie’s statement about the relative dangers of a Bible and a whiskey bottle.

What do the foot-washers say to Miss Maudie?

In the book, *To Kill a Mockingbird*, the foot-washing baptists seem to be painted by Miss Maudie to be evil and to have a strict adherence to the “cleanliness of the soul.” When Scout asks Miss Maudie if she is a “foot-washing baptist,” Miss Maudie replies with ” my shell’s not that hard. ” To me, that means that being

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When Miss Maudie shows her disgust with a foot washing Baptist — Lee 59 is she putting down all Baptists How do you explain that — one way or the other?

Maudie is not critical of all Baptists, but does not agree with the foot washing Baptists’ way of life. Maudie views the foot washing Baptists as religious fanatics, who interpret the Bible literally. They are relatively self-righteous individuals, who continually chastise Maudie for working in her garden.

What are foot-washers?

noun. A person who washes another’s feet, especially (in some denominations of the Christian church) as a religious rite or practice.

Why do the foot-washing Baptists criticize Miss Maudie?

When Miss Maudie shows her disgust with “foot-washing Baptists,” she is criticizing the “foot-washing baptists” because people like Mr. Radley are “foot-washing baptists” that believe women are a sin by definitions. 20.) Explain Miss Maudie’s statement about the relative dangers of a Bible and a whiskey bottle.

What does Miss Maudie say about foot-washing Baptists?

Miss Maudie proceeds to tell Scout that Boo’s father was a “foot-washing Baptist.” Miss Maudie says that ” Foot-washers believe anything that’s pleasure is a sin” (Lee 28). They are essentially religious fanatics who have a strict interpretation of the Bible.

Why do foot washers not like Miss Maudie?

Why did some “foot-washers” criticize Miss Maudie about her flowers? The foot washers feel that Miss Maudie spends too much time beautifying her home and not enough time reading the Bible. They think she’s full of vanity.

What does a foot-washing Baptist mean?

“Foot-washing baptist” is a very old-school term for Baptists (usually Southern) that went to church devoutly, and performed or had performed the foot-washing ceremony as described in the Bible.

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What does Miss Maudie tell scout about Boo During their conversation on her porch?

Miss Maudie tells Scout that Arthur “Boo” Radley was a kind child and gives her a little insight into the Radley family. She seems to think Arthur is more sad than crazy. Miss Maudie lives in Maycomb and isn’t a very traditional woman.

Why does scout like Maudie?

Expert Answers Scout loves Miss Maudie for many reasons: for her kindness, her honesty, and her patient understanding of Scout, Jem, and Dill, as well.

How would the fact that Mr Radley was a foot-washing Baptist affect boo?

Radley, who was a “foot-washing Baptist,” believed that any type of pleasure was a sin. Mr. Radley kept Boo secluded inside the house as an extreme form of punishment for his youthful pranks. The “foot-washing Baptists” are so extreme in their beliefs that they view gardening as a sin.

How is Miss Maudie described in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Witty, genuine, caring, perceptive, unbiased, unselfish, strong, and honest, Miss Maudie Atkinson is an “upstanding citizen” in Maycomb. She takes care of her yard, embellishing it with lovely flowers; she bakes goodies for her young neighbors.

What is the difference between a Baptist and a foot washing Baptist?

Expert Answers A “foot-washing Baptist” is a way of saying a very strict Baptist. Foot-washing Baptists and Baptists are both Christian denominations and really, they’re both Baptists. But the foot-washing Baptists are so strict that they believe everything pleasurable is a sin.

Why does Mr Radley shoot at Jem Dill and Scout?

The intruders were simply Jem, Scout and Dill, and it seems that no-one suspects them at all. Mr Radley seems to be under the impression that it was a black man who broke in to steal from his collard patch, and shot at him. This shows the readiness of most whites in Maycomb to believe the worst of the blacks.

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Why do Scout and Jem like Maudie?

Scout, Jem, and Dill come to regard Miss Maudie as their friend because, as Scout says, ” she had never told on us, had never played cat-and-mouse with us, she was not at all interested in our private lives.” They trust her, and Scout turns to Miss Maudie to ask her about Boo Radley.

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