Often asked: How To Request Pathology Report Baptist Memorial Hospital Memphis?

How do I get my medical records from Baptist Hospital?

For medical record requests, test results or release of medical information, please call or visit the location where you received services:

  1. Baptist Hospital Medical Records Department. PO Box 17804,
  2. Gulf Breeze Hospital Medical Records Department. 1110 Gulf Breeze Parkway,
  3. Jay Hospital Medical Records Department.

How many beds does Baptist Memphis have?

There are 147 locations near you.

How many beds does Baptist Collierville Hospital have?

About Baptist Memorial Hospital Collierville This facility has 81 total beds.

What county is Memphis TN in?

Memphis, city, seat (1819) of Shelby county, extreme southwestern Tennessee, U.S. It lies on the Chickasaw bluffs above the Mississippi River where the borders of Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee meet. Memphis is Tennessee’s most populous city and is at the centre of the state’s second largest metropolitan area.

What is Baptist mission statement?

Our Mission Baptist Health demonstrates the love of Christ by providing and coordinating care and improving health in our communities.

Who owns Mississippi Baptist Medical Center?

Baptist Memorial Health Care CEO and President Jason Little and Mississippi Baptist Health Systems CEO and President Chris Anderson will host a media briefing and employee meet and greet to answer questions related to the hospitals merging Monda afternoon.

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When did Baptist Collierville open?

Baptist Memorial Hospital-Collierville opened May 1, 1999. This full-service hospital has premier facilities including large patient rooms with the amenities of home. Situated on 75 acres of park-like campus, the hospital campus has large trees, a walking trail and a pond.

What state is Collierville?


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