Often asked: How Many Beds Does Western Baptist Hospital Have?

How many beds does Baptist Health Paducah have?

Baptist Health Paducah is a 373- bed acute and skilled care facility which area residents prefer 2 to 1 for their medical care.

How many beds does Baptist Health Lexington have?

Baptist Health Lexington, an award-winning 434-bed acute and skilled care facility, is also known for medical research and education.

What hospitals are in Paducah Kentucky?

14 Hospitals near Paducah, KY

  • Lourdes Hospital. 71% patient experience rating.
  • Baptist Health Paducah. 77% patient experience rating.
  • Massac Memorial Hospital.
  • Jackson Purchase Medical Center.
  • Marshall County Hospital.
  • Livingston Hospital And Healthcare Services.
  • Hardin County General Hospital.
  • Crittenden Community Hospital.

Is Baptist a good hospital?

Baptist Hospital has tied for the top spot as the #1 hospital in the region. In rankings by state and metro area, U.S. News recognized best regional hospitals based on high performing rankings across multiple areas of care.

What river is Paducah on?

Paducah is located on the southern side of the Ohio River, just past the confluence of the Tennessee and Ohio rivers, only 50 miles upstream from the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi, and some 20 miles downstream from the confluence of the Cumberland and Ohio rivers.

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How many employees does Baptist Health Lexington have?

Our physician network of more than 3,000 employed and affiliated physicians continues to grow as we endeavor to improve access to healthcare and enhance the health of Kentucky as a whole.

What hospitals are in Lexington KY?

The Best 10 Hospitals in Lexington, KY

  • University of Kentucky Hospital.
  • UK Good Samaritan Hospital.
  • Central Baptist Hospital.
  • CHI Saint Joseph Health – Continuing Care, Saint Joseph Hospital.
  • UK Albert B.
  • KentuckyOne Health The Women’s Hospital Saint Joseph East.
  • St Joseph Hospital East.

What county is Paducah KY in?

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Is Baptist Hospital a trauma center?

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center has been re-verified as a Level I adult trauma center – the highest level possible – by the American College of Surgeons (ACS).

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