FAQ: Why Was The 16th Street Baptist Church Bombed?

When was Birmingham bombed?

What was the name of the church that was bombed in Birmingham?

The 16th Street Baptist Church bombing was a white supremacist terrorist bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, on Sunday, September 15, 1963.

Where is Carole Robertson buried?

Of the five surviving members of the Birmingham Six, Patrick Hill currently resides in Ayrshire; Gerard Hunter in Portugal; John Walker in Donegal; and both Hugh Callaghan and William Power in London.

When was the church bombing?

KKK members bombed the church on September 15, 1963, killing four girls and injuring many more.

Which piece of legislation was introduced after the Birmingham protests?

After being filibustered for 75 days by “diehard southerners” in Congress, it was passed into law in 1964 and signed by President Lyndon Johnson. The Civil Rights Act applied to the entire nation, prohibiting racial discrimination in employment and in access to public places.

Who was the Birmingham commissioner of public safety?

Selma, Alabama, U.S. Birmingham, Alabama, U.S. Theophilus Eugene “Bull” Connor (July 11, 1897 – March 10, 1973) was an American politician who served as Commissioner of Public Safety for the city of Birmingham, Alabama, for more than two decades.

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