Murphy First

Baptist Church

Murphy, North Carolina


Adult Bible Study

Come join us at 9:15 every Sunday morning for adult small-group Bible studies.  We meet in the fellowship hall for coffee, snacks, and greetings and then break at 9:40 to go to our classes.  We offer two curriculum tracks among ten classes.  The following is the Summer Quarter curriculum:

Explore the BIble

1 Samuel.  First Samuel begins by telling how Samuel, the last and greatest of the judges, was born as an answer to prayer.  It tells how he delivered Israel from the Philistines, but also how the people demanded a king despite the disapproval of both God and Samuel.  It describes the heroic exploits and tragic disobedience of Saul, the first King.  It then tells of the origin and valor of David, as well as of his persecution at the hands of the increasingly paranoid and bitter Saul.  It concludes with the death of Saul and the stage set for the beginning of David's reign. 

An additional commentary  on the series is available at

  Rev. Tom Leatherwood - Chapel Class Rev. Jack Carter - Fellowship I
  Dan Anderson - Faith Workers Bill Phillips - Fellowship II
  Jerry Brackett - Outfitters John Bandy (Men) - Progressive
  James & Lori Payne - Community Class

Bible Studies for Life  Connects God's Word to our lives in an intentional way.

God's Word.  The Bible is central to each study and our growth as disciples.

Our Lives.  We are a community. These studies are designed intentionally to engage us in deeper relationships with each other. They leave room for conversation while never departing from the authority of Scripture.  Every session is rooted in real-life issues. Participants begin to respond to life situations in the way God would have them respond and proactively begin to see real life as an opportunity for growth.

Intentional Way.  Over time, Bible Studies for Life helps adults grow in eight key, research-validated attributes of discipleship.

  Joann Leatherwood (Ladies) - Rebecca Mary Ashley (Ladies) - Charis
  Frankie Roberson (Ladies) - Tabitha